Landfill Leachate

Landfill leachate water stinks and leads to complaints from workers, neighbors, and municipal wastewater operators. Meeting environmental regulations is a primary focus, but fugitive odors released during leachate collection, handling, and disposal must be dealt with.

Carus Corporation is excited to introduce our CAIROX® potassium permanganate and CARUSOL® liquid permanganate products that effectively and rapidly eliminate sulfur compounds commonly found in landfill leachate.

Hydrogen sulfide that results from septic conditions during collection and treatment of wastewater has long been recognized as a major problem of municipal wastewater systems. Hydrogen sulfide gas is acutely toxic and can lead to serious health problems and even death. Even at low concentrations in air, exposure to hydrogen sulfide has been linked to fatigue, headaches, eye irritation, sore throats and other health problems. 

Now that landfill operators have the same problem when treating leachate water, they can turn to the same trusted solution.  This free webinar discusses the basic chemistry of permanganate treatment and its practical implementation at landfill sites.