Emerging Contaminants

The Emerging Contaminants Summit focuses on the latest developments in the detection, fate and transport, risk assessment, treatment and regulation of emerging contaminants. Visit Carus at Booth #204.

Poster Presentation:

Re-Emergence or Have They Emerged? Same Old Contaminants but New Tricks

Presented by: Pamela Dugan, Ph.D., Carus Corporation

Pamela Dugan, P.h.D.


Emerging contaminants are compounds that have been shown to be prevalent in surface and groundwater and identified as posing a potential environmental, ecological or public health risk. They can include organic compounds such as 1,4 dioxane, and perfluoroalkyl compounds. In addition, there are inorganic contaminants that have recently been regulated in the Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) rule such as boron which is a constituent found in coal ash impoundments. There are a wide variety of stakeholders that are directly affected by the presence of emerging and newly regulated compounds that may include utility providers, municipal water treatment facilities, remediation practitioners, chemical manufacturing facilities, and military installations. Navigating the rapidly changing regulatory environment and discerning what the effective treatment technologies are for emerging contaminants of concern can be daunting.  A variety of batch and column experiments were conducted to evaluate the removal efficiencies of the following organic compounds: 1,4 dioxane, perfluoroalkyl compound and inorganic compounds: boron, mercury, arsenic and selenium using advanced oxidation and sorptive treatment approaches. The results of these efforts will be presented as well as two field case studies.

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