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Combined Remedies Webinar Series

Achieving remediation site closures can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. Treatment train approaches or combined remedies are often a practical means to address difficult remediation sites. The optimal approach to soil and groundwater clean-up often requires the use of multiple technologies either sequentially or concurrently to achieve the most cost-effective approach throughout the entire life cycle of cleanup at a project site.

Carus is excited to announce our upcoming webinar series, Combined Remedies. We are fortunate to bring to you five industry experts presenting on various combined remedy topics throughout the upcoming months. Join us for one, two, or all of our 30-minute webinars. More webinars will be added to the series for 2018, stay tuned. 


Combined Remedies Series

A Methodology for Optimizing Costs Associated Thermal/Injection Combined Temporal Remedies

July 26, 2018
12-12:30 pm CDT

Eliot Cooper, Cascade


We will look at combined temporal remedy approaches that take into consideration costs, uncertainty, and schedule. Temporal remedies are adjusted at appropriate change over points. One of the challenges in combining temporal remedies is establishing the decision rules to delineate boundaries/temporal transition points among remedial components. The following two scenarios will be discussed.

Option 1 - Thermal Followed by Heat Activated Persulfate in Higher Transmissive Zones.

Option 2 - Attentive and Adaptive Deployment of Injection Based Technologies with Optimized Thermal.


Eliot Cooper is Director of Remediation at Cascade. He has worked in the regulatory (EPA), industry (Refining), and field services aspects of environmental protection.  Most recently he has been involved in in situ remediation since 2003 where he has focused on chlorinated solvents, hex chrome, and petroleum hydrocarbons.  He is currently active in the Complex Sites and Injection Optimization Teams at ITRC. In the past year, Eliot has introduced two new technology advancements to enhance distribution of amendments in the subsurface.  Since Cascade purchased Terratherm, Eliot has been active in looking for combined temporal remedy opportunities for both thermal and ISCO, Bio and ISCR.