Remediation Market News

Safety Requirements for Phosphates

February 28, 2017 Carus blended phosphate products are part of the broad chemical category identified as “corrosion control and sequestering chemicals”.  These products are manufactured, packaged, and delivered in either a dry powder or a concentrated liquid form. These two forms are... Read More

Polyphosphates for In Situ Uranium Immobilization

February 17, 2017 Carus Corporation has a long history of developing and providing a variety of permanganate products for chemical oxidation applications.  Carus is also a leading provider of phosphate products for sequestration and corrosion control . Phosphates are widely used as water treatment... Read More

RemOx® S and L ISCO Reagents: Various Successful Sites

January 26, 2017 Carus Corporation, the only North American manufacturer of permanganate, is committed to providing customers with remediation solutions . Our remediation brands, RemOx ® S and RemOx ® L ISCO reagents (potassium and sodium permanganates) are the trusted oxidants of... Read More

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

January 18, 2017 In our business, we recognize that chemicals are vital to our nation’s economy. When used properly, chemicals contribute to a safer and cleaner environment. However, chemicals come with inherent risks, especially if the proper safeguards are not in place. For example, many of our business... Read More

Proper Safety and Handling of RemOx® S and L ISCO Reagents (Potassium and Sodium Permanganate)

January 16, 2017 As a world leading producer of potassium and sodium permanganate, Carus is dedicated to safety and handling of its products for both employees and potential users. Carus Corporation is a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and participates in the ACC’s Responsible Care ®... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Sales Managers

January 09, 2017 As we begin a new year, we want to take this opportunity to introduce a new member to our Remediation Sales team and remind you of some familiar faces as well. Our newest member to the team is a 26-year Carus veteran, Tim Colgan.This brings the Remediation Sales Team to a combined 67 years... Read More

Carus Remediation Newsletters

July 26, 2016 Please follow the links below to view the Carus Remediation Technologies newsletter archive. 2016 January 2016 CRT Newsletter July 2016 CRT Newsletter 2015 May 2015 CRT Newsletter January 2015 CRT Newsletter   2014... Read More

2016 Webinar Presenters

December 15, 2015 Mr. John Boll, Carus Corporation Mr. John Boll is currently the Technical Service Manager for the Carus Permanganates.  John has been with Carus Corporation for over 40 years, serving in a variety of sales and marketing positions.  The technical service department provides... Read More

2015 Webinar Presenters

December 11, 2014   Dr. Pamela Dugan, Carus Corporation Enhanced Reactive Synergies with Sustained-Release Technology Monday, November 9, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. (CST) Pamela serves as the Market Development Manager for Carus Corporation where she is responsible for new product... Read More

Carus Corporation CAP 18 ME® Anaerobic Bioremediation Product Patent

December 17, 2013 The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Carus Corporation a patent for bioremediation using CAP 18 ME® anaerobic bioremediation product for soil and groundwater treatment.  Read More

Carus Remediation Technologies Partners with Redox Tech, LLC

September 26, 2013 Carus Corporation and Redox Tech, LLC have joined forces to comarket products for aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation. Carus will market and sell the following products offered by Redox Tech: Anaerobic BioChem ( ABC® ), ABC+, OBC and OBC+ for bioremediation in the environmental... Read More

ESTCP Technology Demonstration

November 27, 2012 Carus Remediation Technologies has taken a key role in submitting an Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) proposal to obtain Department of Defense (DoD) funding to conduct a field study using sustained-release oxidants for treatment of the emerging contaminant 1,4... Read More

Carus Corporation Enters Into a Marketing Agreement with Solvay Chemicals

April 04, 2012 Carus Corporation and Solvay Chemicals have signed a contract to market Solvay’s IXPER® 75C and IXPER® 70C Calcium Peroxide products for aerobic bioremediation in the environmental market.  IXPER 75C and IXPER 70C are high quality products that are cost competitive and... Read More