Anhydrous hydrogen chloride (AHCl) has application in both the solar and semiconductor industry including: pre-cleaning, or etching, silicon substrates in epitaxy chambers and the production of trichlorosilane, a precursor of ultra-pure silicon. Alexander Chemical, a Carus Group Inc. company, offers both electronic and technical grade AHCL.


Alexander is also uniquely positioned to provide two independent AHCl sources to ensure continuity of supply and pricing stability.  Alexander has over 40 years AHCl handling and packaging experience. Our commitment to the safe handling of this product and our ability to guarantee uninterrupted supply and pricing stability are unmatched in this industry.


AHCl is available in 60 lb., 600 lb. and 21,000 lb. bulk containers.  Alexander offers on-site training, customer process safety review, extensive cylinder and container maintenance services as well as comprehensive container management programs.