VOC Destruction

CARULITE® 500 catalyst, is used to effectively destroy ethylene oxide emissions resulting from sterilization of medical equipment and supplies. The catalyst converts toxic ethylene oxide at low temperatures to carbon dioxide and water.

The effectiveness of CARULITE 500 catalyst makes it the benchmark technology for destruction of toxic emissions of ethylene oxide. Low-temperature destruction of ethylene oxide coupled with long catalyst lifetime provides a cost-effective solution to the problem of ethylene oxide emissions.

CARULITE® 110-TR catalysts are used to effectively destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as flexographic solvents in a recuperative catalytic oxidizer at minimum inlet temperatures of 300 °C.

CARULITE 110 TR catalysts provide the versatility and effectiveness required for low-temperature destruction of VOCs, particularly those that contain oxygen such as alcohols, acetates, aldehydes, and ketones.