The Illinois Valley has a new team of licensed Emergency Medical Responders

Carus Corporation’s First Responder Team is now officially licensed as Emergency Medical Responders in the State of Illinois. After 60 hours of training, 23 Carus employees have been accepted into the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Emergency Medical Responder System. The Carus team is now recognized as one of eight non-transport emergency response departments in the Illinois Valley, according to Nicholas Fish, EMS and Disaster Coordinator for Illinois Valley Community Hospital.

“Carus is unique, in that they’ve made the commitment to ensure they have a team onsite to start an emergency medical response before an ambulance arrives,” said Fish. “This type of registration is usually used for fire departments in small or remote areas. The only other two local, non-traditional entities with this registration are Illinois Valley Community College and Flint Hills.”

“At this moment, we have 53 people onsite and 12 of them are trained, registered first responders, able to begin an emergency medical response if need-be,” said Carus’ Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Manager Gerald Greer, looking at the company’s LaSalle facility roll call system. “This means that if a co-worker suffers a sudden illness or injury, that person won’t lose precious moments waiting for paramedics to arrive. It also means that these employees have the skills to help save the life of a relative, friend, or community member. They now qualify to participate in ride-alongs with local agencies and to begin training for higher level certifications, like EMT or Paramedic,” said Greer.

Two of Carus’ First Responders work at the company’s Peru headquarters. Customer Support Representative Jose Rios joined Carus’ First Responder Team after working for about a year as a volunteer firefighter in DePue.

“Every employee Carus has provided this training for now has the skills to pursue volunteer opportunities in their community,” said Rios. “Someone who is already a licensed first responder is a great asset to a volunteer fire department, because the department doesn’t have to pay for that person’s training. This goes beyond Carus. This is a great thing for the area.”

Carus’ First Responders meet every other month to continue developing their skills. 

Founded in LaSalle, Illinois in 1915, Carus produces and supplies specialty chemistries, technologies, and services for water treatment, soil remediation, and air purification.  Carus is a member of the American Chemistry Council and actively participates in the industry’s award-winning Responsible Care® initiative, sharing a common commitment to improve environmental, health, safety, and security performance.

Carus Corporation First Responders: (left to right) Dylan Kemmerer, Phil Taylor, Nick Kelsey, Gerald Greer, Mike Dergance, Dan Atorthy, Deb Molln, Ken Pisarczyk, Tina Garcia, Rachel Dawson, Marsha Shepard, Sean Davenport, Kristine Metzke. Not pictured: Ralph Moshage, James Kern, Brian Smith, Nick Augustyniak, Tom Bastian, Todd Chipman, Jeff Strauch, Jose Rios, Jared Khoija, Ryan Halberg